Tips to choose the perfect Fitness Ball Chair

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball Chair


A fitness ball chair is very suitable to professionals who work mostly on a desk and sitting on a chair all day. Even more suitable for professionals who are health-conscious and always thinking of how to get the exercise they need given the nature of their jobs.

Well, a ball chair is here for the rescue. It gets your body exercised while you work. And it doesn’t cost you anything except of course the tag price of the ball chair.

When you sit on a fitness ball chair, your body will be forced to make adjustments every now and then to help you maintain your balance on the chair. As a result of this continuous adjusting movements, the core muscles of your body end up being worked out during the course of the day.

You can purchase a fitness ball chair pretty much from any fitness store. But if there isn’t a fitness store near you, you can always go online. There are hundreds of sellers on the internet you can choose from. And besides, products bought online are often times much cheaper than their offline counterparts.

Here are the benefits you receive on using a fitness ball chair.

1)      First of all it is fun to use. You will be bouncing on it all day. Who doesn’t want that.

2)      They are not that expensive. Let us compare it a bit to using an ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair costs above a hundred dollars. It can even go beyond five hundred dollars. But if you are to use a fitness ball chair, you will be investing an amount that would not go above a hundred bucks. Ball chair prices range from $20 to $80 only.

3)      A healthy spine. A ball chair is not stable so when you sit on it, your body will be forced to try and balance itself. This in turn will help your body to achieve proper posture. A proper posture, as you already know, is good for the spine. This means less back pains and a healthier spine.

4)      Better blood circulation. A fitness ball chair will be causing you to keep on moving and changing positions throughout the day. This relaxes your body and allows for blood to healthily flow to all parts of your body during the day.

5)      You will be energized. The ball chair will keep you from getting bored while at work.

6)      Burn large amounts of calories every single day. The more time you spend on your ball chair, the more movement and adjustments you make. These naturally results to more calories burned. We are talking about up to 350 calories here burned every single day.

7)      Fitness right on your office desk. You don’t have to go to the gym as regularly. he fitness ball chair will be working you out throughout the day. Whenever you get tired or bored, you can easily get on some stretching exercises on the ball chair.

A fitness ball chair offers you a lot of perks and rewards. It’s not expensive and it doesn’t take too much space. So there is really no reason why you shouldn’t get one for your office.

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